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My favorite game introduced me to my favorite musicians! Great album, best remixes! RoQy did amazing job on Valentine. The Ranger on Cosmo Canyon was awesome! Adam Warrock as Cait Sith was my favorite. Lost Boys single by The Courtneys.

"Who's got skills?" Talent Show!!!

Wonderer by Sunbeam Sound Machine. Borderlines by Evil Eyes. A few urban authors I've read have done this, Dwayne S. Johnson are the only ones that come to min Who's Got Skills 2 is the only urban fiction I've ever read that I would call urban fiction-mystery.

R.S : Guy's Got Skills 2

Johnson are the only ones that come to mind. Now, I can add Tyrenna Tolbert to that list. This isn't only for urban fiction readers but for mystery readers as well. Maybe even others but these are the two genres that I think of.

Westy’s Got Skills Is Just Around the Corner!

I don't mean those 'cozy' mysteries - I don't know much about those at all. I'm talking more along the lines of the strong, whodunit mysteries. This book is the sequel to Who's Got Skills which I didn't read. The fact that I didn't read the first made for some confusion for me because I didn't know the characters. And there are a good number of characters to get to know. The good thing about that, and why I was ultimately able to get it all right, is because they're all different and Tolbert did a good job with developing all of the main players.

I'm sure if I had read the first one I'd have remembered everyone from the beginning because that's what happens with you have strong characters. There are minor editing issues but believe me when I say 'minor'. I've seen people say 'minor' about books that are unreadable so please, please know that I do mean 'minor'. The story can be easily read and even an OCD people like myself can read it just fine. One thing that I wish the editor would have picked up, the main thing for me I think, was the lack of contractions.

A good editor will pick up that 'I am' should be 'I'm' and that 'we are' should be 'we're'. Even out in suburbia contractions are used all the time, no one talks with straight words like that. That would have helped a lot during conversations in the book. This is minor but I want to mention it just the same. I liked that the woman on the cover fit with the image in my head for the character I was reading about. That means a lot to me. It wouldn't ruin a story for me otherwise but it's a pet peeve of mine if I'm reading about a light-skinned man and there's a dark man on the cover.

Or the main character is a red-headed chick and the girl on the cover is brunette. It just bugs me. So that was another nice aspect for me. The story itself is a good one - it's interesting and gripping and you want to know what going to happen next, where this character is going to go. I'd like to give this to a friend or two who don't read urban fiction and get their opinion.

I'm definitely going to be recommending it to urban fiction reading friends and the friends I have who read mysteries. I hope Tyrenna Tolbert continues writing and I'd even say I'd like to see these characters again - maybe in a companion novel? Aug 25, Tyrenna Tolbert rated it it was amazing. Matured as an Author. Aug 12, K Nikki Waden rated it liked it. I did enjoy the read it was alot going on with the different characters and those who deserved to die did just that I just wished TC was a smarter woman.

Nov 13, OOSA rated it liked it.

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  8. Could it be Chin, the man she once dated, the man who raped her? Sadly, Patience is torn between the feelings she has for Chin.

    On one hand, she hates him for what he did to her. On the other hand, she still has love for him.

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    Chin knows he messed up but he is bound and determined to get Patience back. But when Patience reveals to him that she suspects him of murdering Shy, an undercover cop, Chin will have to decide whether or not to kill Patience or let her live. In the first book a killer was on the loose, killing off some of Fortune 's high profile executives. In book 2 there is someone running around killing off folks, dubbed as the "Kill and Go" murders.

    Editorial Reviews

    The question is for what reason? Although it is a quick read, it left a lot of unanswered questions. I have to commend Ms. Tolbert on listening to my constructive criticism of her previous novel. The editing was more on point with this second novel. However, the story is so short it reads more like an outline of events and should have been filled in with more detail.

    Also, the ending is too rushed, highly disappointing. It was not original.