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With the outbreak of World War II , he lost all confidence in the future, and in Mind at the End of Its Tether he depicts a bleak vision of a world in which nature has rejected, and is destroying, humankind. In spite of an awareness of possible world catastrophe that underlay much of his earlier work and flared up again in old age , Wells in his lifetime was regarded as the chief literary spokesman of the liberal optimism that preceded World War I.

H.G. Wells

No other writer has caught so vividly the energy of this period, its adventurousness, its feeling of release from the conventions of Victorian thought and propriety. None of his contemporaries did more to encourage revolt against Christian tenets and accepted codes of behaviour, especially as regards sex, in which, both in his books and in his personal life, he was a persistent advocate of an almost complete freedom. Though in many ways hasty, ill-tempered, and contradictory, Wells was undeviating and fearless in his efforts for social equality, world peace, and what he considered to be the future good of humanity.

As a creative writer his reputation rests on the early science fiction books and on the comic novels.

In his science fiction, he took the ideas and fears that haunted the mind of his age and gave them symbolic expression as brilliantly conceived fantasy made credible by the quiet realism of its setting. In the comic novels, though his psychology lacks subtlety and the construction of his plots is often awkward, he shows a fund of humour and a deep sympathy for ordinary people. His best work has a vigour, vitality, and exuberance unsurpassed, in its way, by that of any other British writer of the early 20th century.

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Early life

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Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Wells , despite all the ingenious and prophetic technological gadgetry of his earlier novels, lived to become disillusioned about the progressive character of Western civilization: Another novelist, Aldous Huxley, expressed disenchantment with…. Wells , a founder of the genre and likely its greatest writer.

Wells was an ardent student of the 19th-century British scientist T.

The scandalous sex life of HG Wells

Wells became a particularly ardent and tireless socialist campaigner. Wells 10 references found in Britannica articles Assorted References attitude toward modern technology In history of technology: The Edwardians science fiction In science fiction: The world of science fiction In science fiction: Utopias and dystopias social commentary In novel: Spartacus Educational - Biography of H. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.

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Wells now fourteen began working as an apprentice to a draper where he gained experience and inspirations later reflected in his works Kipps , a story about an orphan, Artie Kipps who makes his way to the upper class after gaining a large inheritance and education. His experience at the drapers shop was also reflected in The Wheels of Chance: A Bicycling Idyll In , Wells won a scholarship to the Normal School of Science in London where he discovered his interest in science.

The scandalous sex life of HG Wells

However, once again Wells was unable to complete the course of his studies. Unable to meet the degree requirements, Wells lost the scholarship. Facing an extreme financial crisis, he began living with his aunt and uncle at Fitzroy Road in London. In , he married his cousin, Isabel Mary who also lived with the aunt and uncle. The marriage dissolved four years later when Wells left Mary for one of his students, Amy Catherine Robbins. The two got married in and had two sons.