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However, if the first carrier in your ticket is not Vietnam Airlines, that carrier's baggage policy will be applied for the whole journey. Even if your baggage exceeds Vietnam Airlines' baggage allowance upon arrival at the airport, you are still able to purchase excess baggage at check-in counter. Fees for Excess Baggage at Airport. If your need to carry baggage that weighs more than your free baggagge allowance, you are recommended to take advantage of buying pre-paid baggage with a much lower cost comparing to paying for excess baggage at the airport and save time for your journey.

Fees for Pre-paid Baggage. Vietnam Airlines offer service for passenger travelling with pet on the same flight. Your pet will be delivered as checked baggage. This service is supplied subject to specific aircafts. Passengers travelling with pet as checked baggage should contact Vietnam Airlines branch offices for advanced reservations. It is required to make service request at least 24 hours before departure time.

Passengers are required to be presented at the airport early enough to complete all procedures before flight. Vietnam Airlines recommends you arrive at least two hours prior to your schedule departure time. See more details in check in timing.


Passenger also can prepare this form in advance by downloading here , complete and bring with you to the check in counter. Pet on board service is applied to passengers travelling on Vietnam Airlines operating flights. Pet on board service is supplied subject to loading capacity of specific aircafts. Planning for travel with your pet. Passengers travelling with pet on board should contact Vietnam Airlines branch offices for advanced reservations. Passengers contact the appropriate quarantine office, embassy or consulate… to confirm all necessary documents such as quarantine certificates, health certificates and rabies immunization reports….

Passenger also can download this form here , complete and bring with you to the check in counter. Vietnam Airlines offer the additional seat service for baggage onboard the aircraft.

Excess Baggage Charges

For fragile, bulky, or valuable items such as musical instruments, paintings and antiquities, etc. Passengers may have reserved seat s beside to secure their belongings during flight. The cabin baggage weight must not exceed 75 kg per one seat and the pressure on the seat must not exceed 0. Vietnam Airlines offers transport services for sporting equipments such as golf club, ski gear and diving instruments as checked baggage. Vietnam Airlines provides complimentary transportation services for foldable carriage devices such as prams, infant strollers, wheelchairs, and pushcarts.

Passengers are required to be presented at the airport early enough to complete all procedures before your flight. Could be counted towards baggage allowance. If the weight exceeds free baggage allowance, normal excess baggage charge or prepaid baggage charge will be applied. If the set weighs more than 20kg, normal excess baggage charge for the portion of weight exceeding 20kg will be applied.

Other sport equipment Hang gliders, Archery equipment, Fishing equipment, Bowling equipment,etc Fire Extinguishers, Dry Ice over 2. G Power Bank etc. For more details about regulations of restricted goods carried by passengers, please kindly read below information:. We aim to deliver baggages to right destinations. However, sometimes baggages may be damaged, delayed or do not reach the destinations due to inclement weather or facility requirements.

Please accept our sincerest apologies if you have suffered any such issue. In an event such as the above, Vietnam Airlines will do our utmost to resolve the problem. If your baggage may be damaged or does not come off the conveyor belt, please file a report with our Lost and Found Counter located at the arrival station, as soon as possible. Our staff or handling agent will provide you assistance. Claims received after this deadline will be dismissed. Please refer to Liability Release of Checked baggage for more details.

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We will initiate the tracing of your baggage through our worldwide computerised tracing system and will keep you informed of the status of your baggage. If you have filed a report already, you can use the file reference eg HANVN to trace your baggage online. We will notify you as soon as your baggage is located and will be delivered to the address you specified, subject to local customs regulations. Alternatively, you may collect your baggage at the airport and we shall be glad to reimburse the transport cost.

A search can be extended to up to days if you so wish. In the event that your baggage is damaged, lost after arriving at your destination via another airline, you should inquire with the airline in question.

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In the case of code shares operated by other companies, please contact the operating company. Lost property that is discovered within the cabin will be kept at the airport of arrival. Depending upon what it is, unclaimed property found in the cabin will be held by either the Vietnam Airlines baggage office or local airport authorities. If you have found personal items that have been left behind in the aircraft cabin, please contact us immediately.

Passengers should personally pick up your own checked baggage at the airport baggage conveyor belt upon arrival. If your baggage is not picked up, Vietnam Airlines will store it for 90 days and assess applicable storage charges.

Excess Baggage :: Airport and Rail Baggage Services

If a passenger fails to claim baggage within 90 days, its disposal is subject to Vietnam Airlines' discretion. If your lost article is found, it will be immediately delivered to the place of your choosing. Continuing with this version may result in parts of the website not being displayed properly, if at all. Also, the security of your personal information is better safeguarded with an updated browser.

Click here for more. Sorry you can book for a maximum of 9 passengers. To make a group booking of more than 9, click here. Read South Africa immigration regulations when traveling with Children Read more. Click here to read Passport requirements when travelling to Mayotte.

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All other African destinations not listed in Intra Africa 1. This includes any baggage above The baggage charges are applied for heavy bag regardless of whether this bag is in the free allowance or in excess. Excluded from this is a business class guest with 32kgs as their allowable baggage weight. Heavy bag will only be purchased at the airport of departure. Heavy bag charges are as per the below:. At Nairobi Hub, the baggage team shall ensure that on trader routes, baggage uplift is prioritized. The team shall ensure:.