The Courage to Be (The Terry Lectures Series)

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  2. Terry Lectures: The Courage to Be by Paul Johannes Tillich (1959, Paperback)
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  5. The Terry Lectures Series

The Missing Manual to You. The Akashic Records are a powerful spiritual tool intended to help you on your journey through life. This is a quick-start guide to using the Records. Whilst experiencing major life challenges, Mimi discovers the power of God's Word.

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She relates how these 24 Scripture verses turn her life around. Product details File Size: October 1, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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Why Christians Ought to Pray. A Father Offers His Son: Have you wondered why God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac in Genesis 22? Learn the remarkable parallels between God and Abraham, and Jesus and Isaac! Absolute Surrender Updated and Annotated: The Blessedness of Forsaking All and Fo Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Terry Lectures: The Courage to Be by Paul Johannes Tillich (1959, Paperback)

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. One of the greatest books written about the problem of meaninglessness and emptiness in modern life - and the solution If you are feeling emptiness and meaninglessness and purposeless, then rejoice! What you are feeling is a sacred emptiness, that can now be filled These are the "gifts of the Holy Spirit" that St. Paul writes about in the New Testament Bible. Paul Tillich answers the problem of the existentialist crisis within one's own mind by a call to faith in something you cannot see, but can only understand through a practice of radical faith in the radiant compassion and loving-kindness, total acceptance of a Divine and loving God.

The Action of absolute faith - in spite of no empirical evidence to support it - creates the Presence of God This book convinced me to toss aside scientific, logical, brain-based inquiry to find peace, and surrender and invite an "imaginary" force and feeling into my body - specifically my heart. The force that creates and sustains all life, the eternal and infinite source that also when coupled with loving-kindness compassion, is like water and sunlight on a plant.

You will heal, grow and thrive when you tap into this source through your heart, once you quiet your mind and go into your body The Kingdom is Within Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. In college and seminary in the s I was totally enamored with Paul Tillich. I read everything by him and about him that I could get my hands on. He seemed to me to provide a workable and beautiful philosophy which illuminated the symbolic and moral value of the Bible.

Quick preview of The Courage to Be: Third Edition (The Terry Lectures Series) PDF

I felt that more than any other theologian he helped us see the relevance of the Bible's teaching about faith. Recently, I have started reading his works again. He was an intellectual giant. More than anyone else, he has helped us to see past the historical inaccuracies of the Bible and still treasure the symbolic meaning.

He also opened the door to an appreciative understanding of diverse religions. Several friends have told me that this is the one book that helped them to hang on to their Christian faith. It is a great work. The last sentence should be memorized: This is perhaps the most important and profound work I've read. It's a very heady book, but was meaningful to me because it put words to and deepened what I have already come to know through the practice of experiencing being.

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When Tillich got too abstract for me, I let his words glide over me. In short order, I was back to finding ground in what felt like a conversation with one the great thinkers of our time. Nearly 50 years after his death, his work is still radical and as far as I can tell sadly not in practice. What's missing from Tillich is a way to enter a process to experience what he describes.

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  4. I've found this process in the practice of Take Time to Feel www. I first read this book as an undergraduate religion major 45 years ago, and I have returned to it again and again over my lifetime. My professor at the time had been a student of Tillich's and required us to read many of his books, including his massive Systematic Theology.

    This book has remained one of the few books that is always relevant. You need to have a basic liberal arts education in philosophy and history to understand much of it.

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    But for those who do, this is a treasure trove of wisdom. The closing sections are among the most profound words ever written. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. This is a classic work by one of the great philosopher theologians of the 20th century.

    I am co-author of the standard biography of Paul Tillich. He was a great teacher and thinker. This is one of his seminal works which was a best seller upon publication and remains so today. I bought the Kindle edition, which formatted well and comes with active table of contents for easy navigation. This book, of course, is old, having been pubished in the s. It also reflective of existentialist ideas and terms in vogue at the time. But the issues raised by Tillich are good ones.

    As a Christian, I liked the last half better than the first half, since that is when he began to hold up Christian faith as the source of "the courage to be" and the answer to fate, meaningless, and condemnation. We all face the challenges of discovering who we really are but few really take up the challenge and fewer see it through! Tillich makes it simple with his systematic process of revealing why Christ centered love provides a vehicle to learn full acceptance of our strengths and weaknesses See all 80 reviews.

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    The Terry Lectures Series

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    The Courage to Be Third Edition The Terry Lectures Series

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