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Williams, his devoted caregivers Virginia Cummings and Cynthia McSwain, and all of the others who gave of their time, for their love and care for Jack. A catcher from Chicago, who had the nickname of Curley sent this note from his current residence in South Carolina. I always enjoy them, especially when the Independence Browns are mentioned.

In one of the many e-mails going back and forth with the guy in Tulsa about that Bartlesville photo, I mentioned that Hugh Willingham and managed some former KOM leaguers. This is a note I shared with him about that fact when he challenged me to come up with some names. On February 8, he was delivering mail on his Coyele rural route and died to exertion trying to dig out of a snow drift. George Hosp played for Carthage in and was from Joplin. He played for the ill-fated, , Duluth Dukes.

Luckily, for him, he was released prior to the bus crash that decimated that team. Strangely one of the guys on the bus was a brother to Red Schoendienst. Willingham shared managing duties in the SSL one season with another brother of Red's. His first name was Paul. Serapio Mentado who played at Blackwell in had previously played for Willingham. I confirmed his death through a guy who knew him back in Cuba. Mentado was born in He has published a lot of material including a number of books You most likely have heard of him.

I supplied him many photos for a couple of his publications. Hi John, You just continue to amaze me with your writing and the great OLD subjects you manage to dig up. Even though I guess I am a "pup" compared to those hundreds of players in the KOM, your stories and anecdotes still rekindle great memories of those days in Chanute when I went to the game with my great aunt and uncle, Edna and Ralph Chapman, whom we have discussed previously. I can even remember the "pipes" down in front, lower level of the grandstands at Katy Park now Paul Lindblad Park.

Bernie Tyemy sister, who is now 85, remembers him well, and along with her several classmates, managed to remember a bit of "swooning" over that tell, good-looking ballplayer of her day!! I have been meaning to write to you about a player I think you and I perhaps discussed briefly a few years ago, right after we met. Here is some background. Seems it was a dime, but perhaps a quarter. I am betting for sure you will remember that nationwide weekly paper.

It would arrive at my home usually on a Thurs. I remember on elderly lady who lived on south Lincoln as I remember, but not sure. Her name now escapes me but last name, as I recollect was perhaps Ragsdale, Ramsdell, etc? My father, who never played org baseball, but did play a lot of competitive softball in the SEK area, told me one time about a major league player with a similar name.

Seems to me he played in the National League. I am not sure if he was actually from Chanute or somehow connected but anyway, my father had known him. This lady, it seems to me, was either his mother or his widow I think. Any info you might provide will be most appreciated by this old KOM fan. Casey Casebolt in metro Kansas City. You are talking about Willard "The Knuck" Ramsdell. He was from Williamsburg, KS but played a lot of ball in Chanute before turning pro.

I used to listen to the Cardinal games when he pitched against them with the Cubs. I wrote about him in a fairly recent report, I'll have to find it. If I do, and you wish to see it again, let me know. He did graduate from Chanute High School. After his career was over Ramsdell came home and managed Iola during the season when they were in the Western Association.

Oh John, how well I remember those times. My sister and I have just recently discussed those few weeks in the summer and both have agreed if we shut our eyes and concentrate very hard, we can vividly recall and even smell the scent of those filthy, muddy, oily waters. We lived on very east side of Chanute, just north of Hwy 39 which was the main highway going east to the Neosho River and on to Erie.

Our home had been there for over 60 years and the Neosho flood waters had reached the backyard many times over those years. The back of the house had a raised porch probably 3 feet from ground level and land sloped upward to west so front of house was ground level. My father was determined he was going to not leave the house but some men in town brought a large semi and began loading for us.

So he agreed to go but left a bed and mattress, standing on end in the bedroom as intended to come back that nite and stay. When we left about 4 pm the water was moving up the sidewalk in backyard, so that put it still 3 feet below the floors in house. No one could recall such fast rise. It eventually reached almost to the ceilings inside, which would be close to 8'. Was like that for 2 weeks.

We stayed with aunt and uncle and my sister's in-laws. When water receded it was hot and muggy and stunk to high heaven. Friend brought a farm tractor and put at front door. Hooked a hose up to the PTO on it and used water from fire hydrant. My father stepped inside front door, turned high pressure nozzle on and washed anything loose from front door to back door. Floors were hardwood but all had linoleum not carpet back then and washed it out too. My father had been a painter so he began the task of redoing. Walls were lathe and plaster in almost all.

Replaced some with sheetrock and others he salvaged. He lived there until his death in , which was amazing. To the day they razed the house in probably we had sold it , there remained a floodwater "stain" around all walls at the high water mark. He tried everythingshellac, varnish etc. Vivid, but not happy memories. Time to continue this report and space on the computer to accommodate it both ran out, so I have to quit. More next time assuming there is one. Send your stories so the next report can be better than this one. Alrededor del altar hizo una zanja, como un surco para dos medidas de semilla.

Lo hicieron por tercera vez. By , Atlantic City had nine casino hotels: In June of that year, work on the tenth began when Donald Trump started construction of a new hotel on a a 2. Shortly afterward Harrah's owned by Holiday Inns Inc at the time partnered in the project. Oh- and Harrah's would manage the property free of charge and guaranteed Trump no operating losses for the first five years. What possibly could go wrong? A groundbreaking ceremony was held for Harrah's Boardwalk, on November 18th, although six stories of steel were already in place. Trump oversaw the construction of this new venture which--fitting for him--would be the city's largest and tallest.

Renamed Harrah's at Trump Plaza, the casino-hotel opened May 15, Five months later the Harrah's name would be removed as the "sweet deal" quickly turned sour, with disagreements between Harrah's and trump over operating losses. Trump claimed Harrah's was attracting low rolling gamblers the slot crowd which was not the player he was looking for. Trump had visions of "whales", not those in the ocean, but those who came from near and far with huge amounts to drop on every bet--and would have heads in all 85 suite beds.

Even worse, of the ten casino open, the "biggest and best" had earnings that were not on top, but fourth from last. A little over a year later Trump opened the Trump Castle in the Marina district, after taking over from Hilton when their gaming license was denied. As this was right across from Harrah's marina, what were uneasy partners in one part of town were now direct competitors in another.

Meanwhile immediately east, the proposed Penthouse Casino Hotel ironically a former Holiday Inn tower sat as an unfinished eyesore. Trump purchased that property in with demolition beginning in While the tower was kept as Trump Plaza's East Tower Rooms the steel skeleton of the casino structure was demolished for a proposed 30, square foot expansion built to Trump's desires. A wrinkle in those plans involved the former boarding house owned and occupied by one Vera Coking.

Coking had refused to sell out to the Penthouse project, and for years the unfinished frame loomed over her modest three story abode. While Trump's demolition returned daylight to all of Coking's windows, he wanted the land the house stood on as well so a limousine parking lot could be built. After Coking turned down offers of large payments in exchange for her deed, her property came under eminent domain by the City of Atlantic City.

Coking fought and eventually won the case, keeping her house. Trump Plaza's East Tower was fully open by with a much smaller gambling area and a Rainforest Cafe on the Boardwalk side. However Carl Icahn, the senior mortgage lender for the Plaza refused to approve the transaction. No parties came forward, and after 30 years, Trump Plaza closed it's doors on September 16, , one of four to shut that year. Currently the building sits empty with the exception of the exterior accessed Rainforest Cafe. As a tax saving measure, the owners placed a deed restriction on the property in June forbidding it's use as a casino for the next ten years.

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Icahn eventually bought it and the structure was demolished November 19, As of January , a public parking lot is now in operation on the site She was commissioned in March and operated in the western Atlantic and the Caribbean until mid, when she went to the British Isles for World War I service. Following that conflict, Nevada was active in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific. Cruises to Brazil in and to Australia in punctuated a decade of regular fleet exercises and drills. Nevada was modernized in , exchanging her "basket" masts for tripods. The update work also included the installation of a new superstructure, relocation of her five-inch secondary battery, new anti-aircraft guns and significant improvements to her firepower and protection.

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She then returned to duty with the U. Battle Fleet, mainly operating in the Pacific over the next eleven years. The only battleship able to get underway during the 7 December Pearl Harbor Raid, Nevada was the object of intense attacks by Japanese aircraft. Left in a sinking condition after receiving one torpedo and several bomb hits, she had to be beached. Vigorous salvage work and temporary repairs enabled her to steam to the U.

She spent the rest of the year receiving permanent repairs and improvements, including a greatly enhanced anti-aircraft gun battery. Nevada returned to combat during the Attu landings in May Transferred to the Atlantic in mid, her 14" and 5" guns were actively employed during the Normandy Invasion in June and the Southern France operation in August and September. The battleship then returned to the Pacific, where she assisted with the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa in Though damaged by a suicide plane on 27 March and by an artillery shell on 5 April, Nevada remained in action off Okinawa until June With the coming of peace, Nevada steamed back to Hawaii.

She was too old for retention in the post-war fleet, and was assigned to serve as a target during the July atomic bomb tests at Bikini, in the Marshall Islands. That experience left her damaged and radioactive, and she was formally decommissioned in August After two years of inactivity, USS Nevada was towed to sea off the Hawaiian islands and sunk by gunfire and torpedos.

In May, she steamed to Vera Cruz to support the occupation of that Mexican city. Regular operations with the Atlantic Fleet began in mid-year and continued to January Texas returned to the United States in late December and again took up her duties with the Atlantic Fleet. Reassigned to the Pacific Fleet in mid, and designated BB in , Texas came back to the Atlantic in , when she again visited Europe on a training cruise. The ship received new oil-fired boilers and many improvements to her combat systems in a major modernization that began in With her appearance transformed, Texas' operations alternated between the Atlantic and the Pacific until , when her base was shifted to California.

For the next six years, she served as a fleet and division flagship during regular U. Texas briefly revisited the Atlantic in and was sent back to that ocean in for service that would last until late in During , Texas kept busy training the Navy's officers and men.

When the Second World War began in September , she joined other Atlantic Squadron ships in maintaining a Neutrality Patrol, an activity that became increasingly warlike when the U. Navy began convoying western Atlantic shiping in A change in mission took place in October and November , when she provided heavy gunfire support during the invasion of North Africa. Texas continued her Atlantic convoy escort duties through and beyond.

In April she began preparations for the Normandy landings, which began on 6 June , with Texas' inch and 5-inch guns firing on German positions ashore for several days. On 25 June, she participated in a bombardment of Cherbourg, France, during which she was hit twice by enemy coastal artillery fire. Her heavy guns were again active in August, this time in the Mediterranean Sea in support of landings in Southern France.

After an overhaul, Texas went to the Pacific, arriving in the war zone in time to take part in the February Iwo Jima invasion. From late March to late May, she operated off Okinawa, firing her guns against Japanese positions and helping to fight off suicide plane attacks. Texas was preparing for the invasion of Japan when the war ended in August She left the Western Pacific in late September and spent the next three months transporting veterans home. Returning to the Atlantic coast in February , Texas was inactive until April , when she was placed out of commission and turned over to the State of Texas.

She has been maintained as a memorial at San Jacinto ever since. Reyes y reinas del Antiguo Testamento. Retrato ecuestre del condotiero Guidoriccio da Flogiano; Fresco de la sala del Mapamondo. The Norton Simon Museum. Lucite toilet seat covers in the commercial exhibit pavilion. I know what you're thinking, "How much, Rusty, how much?? Commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon. Commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Son of Captain S , K. Commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial.

At rest in Tripoli War Cemetery, Libya. Son of Colonel T. Awarded the Goodenough Medal A of Cefn-Y-Bedd, Denbighshire. Commemorated on the Porstmouth Naval Memorial. Son of Ellen of Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire. Commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire. Son of Annie Hamilton Portadown, Nrth. Commemorated Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon. The land and sea mammals of Middle America and the West Indies.

Elliot, Daniel Giraud, All Images From Book. Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Paris, xv,1 N I o, ]. Peruana, 46, p. Those of the genus. Dorsal region dark hrown, base of hairsyellowish white, and ti] S reddish; head, neck and shoulders yellowishbrown; under ] arts grayish brown tinged with reddish; throat paler,on each side of neck a tuft of brownish red hairs with golden red tips. Dorsal region dark brown; rest of U] per partsgrayish brown; under ] arts paler generally; belly whitish tinged withred.

Length of head and body, 61 ; forearm, 43 ; thumb, Od; tibia, 10,5; toot, i. Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work. Y ya que les hago esta advertencia, no puedo felicitarlos por sus reuniones, que en lugar de beneficiarlos, los perjudican.

Sin embargo, es preciso que se formen partidos entre ustedes, para se pongan de manifiesto los que tienen verdadera virtud. En esto, no puedo alabarlos. Los hombres deben considerarnos simplemente como servidores de Cristo y administradores de los misterios de Dios. Es verdad que mi conciencia nada me reprocha, pero no por eso estoy justificado: Por eso, no hagan juicios prematuros. Pero si este servidor piensa: You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Please update to get the most out of Flickr.

Explore Trending More More. Related groups — Vera's View all Blythe Doll - Vera Florentine. Raf Coningsby Thumper and Vera. View all All Photos Tagged Vera's. Omgomgogogomg it's a spider! Galaxies by Owl City Flamingo [I'm having a nice moment XD] No edits on pictures Watching the Brazil Soccer team flip out. Hope Solo [her goalie skills XD] Meh online bfferz, Emmerz. Serving when playing tennis When Anna will get her power back so she can Skype call me back XD Call me Coral [VB Pattern] When people aren't getting on my friends.

Pie 48 Apple pie. Idk some cookie scent at YC. My Brother XDD The near views i have on my Flickr photos! All my Flickr contacs: When i finish this! An open phone line. A tripod without missing peices XD People who use their dSLR to help other people and also for their own pleasure. Everybody who is always there to support me. When heidi relaizes that Karma is not real. Puffs Plus Lotion Tissue Criminal focus [edit] The gang's primary source of income is the street-level distribution of powder cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

Federal sting operations against the Chicago Latin Kings [edit] Chicago Latin Kings and Police Corruption [edit] Fifteen suspected members or associates of the Latin Kings—including two Chicago Police officers—have been indicted in an alleged racketeering conspiracy that resulted in 19 murders in three states and helped distribute millions of dollars worth of drugs throughout the region— kilograms of cocaine and 1, kilograms of marijuana a year.

Operation Augustin Zambrano [edit] Augustin Zambrano, alleged to be a "Corona" of the Latin Kings, making him the highest-ranking leader outside of prison and responsible for overseeing the illegal activities of all factions of the powerful Chicago Latin Kings, was among 18 defendants charged in a sweeping new federal indictment against the gang's alleged hierarchy.

Operation "Pesadilla" [edit] In some agents and officers fanned out into the Little Village Community to arrest many of the 40 Latin Kings hit with federal or state charges in an operation dubbed "Pesadilla", Spanish for nightmare. Garcia, succeeded Fernando King as the gang's "Supreme Inca" after King was convicted in another federal prosecution The undercover recordings captured Garcia issuing a decree that each Inca in the 24 Latin Kings sections controlled by the Little Village region of the gang sell a quarter-ounce of cocaine twice a month to generate revenue for the "Nation Box," a kitty the gang used to pay for guns, drugs, funerals and legal fees, authorities said.

I can die in peace, because we found the continuation"[29] In Fernandez[32] pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sell and distribute heroin. Vera by Owllery Nite. Independence Yankees lost Pittsburg Browns lost Carthage Cubs lost —Gave up 11 hits and 12 runs but did get one hit. He relieved in that game. Ponca City He took the loss. Pitched in relief not the loser. Independence Yankees —Starter and loser. Pittsburg —Pitched in relief not charged with loss. Chanute —Pitched in relief not charged with loss. Carthage —Pitched in relief not charged with loss. Bartlesville —Starter and loser.

Pittsburg —Pitched in relief not charged with the loss.

Reference made earlier in story about the season ending roster of Iola. So this is my last word on the former Ponca City catcher. The fellows who played for Willingham who played in the KOM were:: Micro Omnibus 45 S. Buenos Aires, Argentina Fecha: Lectura Primer Libro de los Reyes 18, Salmo 16 15 ,a. Templo de la Reina Hatshepsut; Deir el-Bahari. Escribas sentados, del Cairo y del Louvre. El Erecteion de Atenas: Laocoonte y sus hijos.

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  • Antologia dos Titãs (Portuguese Edition).

Templo de la Fortuna Viril, Roma. Arco de triunfo de Constantino, Roma. Museo del Capitolio, Roma. Dama de la Permanente Vibia Matibia. Interior del Arco de Tito, Roma. Catacumba de Calixto, Roma. San Marcos de Venecia, Italia. Justiniano y su Corte. Patio de la Acequia.


Iglesia de la Magdalena, de Vezelay, Francia. Catedral, Torre y Baptisterio de Pisa, Italia. San Miniato al Monte, Florencia, Italia. Cimborrio de la catedral de Zamora. Iglesia de Eunate, Navarra, Exterior. Claustro de Santo Domingo de Silos. Claustro de San Juan de Duero. San Esteban de Segovia. Portada occidental de San Pedro de Moissac: Catedral de Reims; exterior e interior.

Catedral de Chartres; exterior. Catedral de Amiens; exterior. Ayuntamiento de Brujas; exterior. Palacio Ducal de Venecia. Catedral de Burgos; exterior. Catedral de Toledo; exterior e interior. Catedral de Sevilla; exterior. Catedral de Palma de Mallorca; exterior. San Juan de los Reyes de Toledo; claustro. Colegio de San Gregorio de Toledo; fachada y patio. Jambas de la portada principal de la Catedral de Reims: Retablo de la Catedral de Toledo. Huida de Egipto; Capilla Scrovegni, Padua. Llanto sobre Cristo muerto; Capilla Scrovegni, Padua. Iglesia de Santa Croce; Florencia.

Puertas del Baptisterio de Florencia segunda y tercera. Estatua ecuestre del Condotiero Gattamelata, Padua. Museo de la Catedral, Florencia. Museo del Prado; Madrid. El tributo de la moneda. Capilla Brancacci, iglesia del Carmine; Florencia. Retrato de Federico de Montefeltro.

MG-Bücher - Geomatique |

La batalla de Constantino Historia de la Vera Cruz. Iglesia de San Francisco, Arezzo. El Nacimiento de Venus. Templete de San Pietro in Montorio. Escalera de la Biblioteca Laurenziana. Iglesia de San Giorgio Maggiore. Villa Capra la Rotonda. Piedad Rondanini; Palacio Sforza. La Virgen de las Rocas; Museo del Louvre.

El Cardenal; Museo del Prado. Juicio Final; Capilla Sixtina. La Bacanal; Museo del Prado. Fachada de la Universidad de Salamanca. Fachada del convento de San Esteban Salamanca. Fachada del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla. Palacio de Monterrey de Salamanca. Patio del Hospital Tavera de Toledo. Fachada del Palacio de Carlos V de Granada. Patio de Palacio de Carlos V de Granada.

Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer

Catedral de Granada Interior. Museo Nacional de Escultura. El Sacrificio de Isaac. El Expolio de Cristo; Catedral. El Caballero de la mano en el pecho; Museo del Prado. Natividad; Museo del Prado. Baldaquino de San Pedro del Vaticano, Roma. San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane: Triunfo de Baco y Ariadna. El Duque de Lerma. El Descendimiento; Catedral de Amberes. Ronda de noche; Rijkmuseum, Amsterdam.

El hombre del yelmo de oro; Staatliche Museen. Plaza Mayor de Madrid. Portada del Real Hospicio de Madrid. Fachada del Obradoiro de la Catedral. Plaza Mayor de Salamanca. Fachada de la Catedral, Murcia.


Fachada de la catedral, Granada. Portada del Palacio de San Telmo, Sevilla. Transparente de la Catedral, Toledo. Cristo Yacente; Museo Nacional de Escultura. Cristo atado a la columna; Iglesia de la V era Cruz. Piedad; Museo Nacional de Escultura. Cristo de la Clemencia; Catedral. Retablo de San Isidoro del Campo. Cabeza de San Pablo; Catedral. La mujer barbuda; Hospital de San Juan Bautista. Virgen de los Cartujos; Museo de Bellas Artes.

Fray Gonzalo de Illescas; Monasterio de Guadelupe. Santa Casilda; Museo del Prado. El aguador de Sevilla; Wellington Museum. Los borrachos o el triunfo de Baco, Museo del Prado, Madrid. Wie nennt man das Trinkglas dann: Oder muss ich selbst trennen? Einfach Adressaufkleber entfernen und ab in die gelbe Tonne.

Du warst doch schon mal hier , oder nicht? Realistischere Datierungen fallen eher in das 8. Ist der Mann als deutsches "Youtube Klickwunder" einen Artikel wert? Googlebildersuche differenziert auch nicht weiter. Wenn schon, dann muss man auch Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot nicht vergessen. Das riecht sehr nach goldenem Schnitt kann Zufall sein, muss es aber nicht.

Nun ist meine Frage, ob jemand vll einen Weg kennt, wie man dieses Verhalten ohne Rechnung motivieren kann. Hilfe ist gern gesehen. Es gibt einen kleinen Zaubertrick um "Rauch" auszuatmen. Dann kann man ein wenig Rauch aus atmen. Habe es probiert und es funktioniert. Dazu habe ich zwei Fragen. Was passiert da genau? Was ist ein Volkswirtschaftlicher Schaden? Leider halfen mir Eingemeindung und Landkreis Geschichte noch nicht ganz weiter. Ich beziehe mich also eher auf die BRD, wenn es denn die Landkreis-Verwaltungseinheit schon seit damals gibt.

Gibt es da ein Schlagwort? Wenn ich bei verschiedenen Metallen ein starkes Audiosignal anlege und dabei den Plus und Minuspol des Lautsprecherkabels an das Metall anlege und ein Audiosignal laufen lasse beginnt das Metall an zu schwingen. Aber Magnetostriktion ist es nicht weil keine Spule rundum ist. Je nachdem, wie die ganze Anordnung verlegt ist, sind da Anziehung und Abstossung untereinander jederzeit vorstellbar. Ab wann wurden Silberlegierungen durch entsprechende Punzen z.

Wie lange werden IP-Daten gespeichert? Wo bekomme ich Landschafts-und Klimakarten von Nordmesopotamien von vor ca. Wo bekomme ich Sternenkarten aus der Solaren Nachbarschaft? Brauche hier auch 3D Sternenkarte von vor Auch Wandposter oder Karten, Atlas gesucht! Ich verstehe es immer noch nicht. Wenn ein Unternehmen eine Million braucht, warum leiht es das nicht bei seiner Bank? Nach dem die Million abbezahlt ist, sind Zinszahlungen erledigt. Der wesentliche Unterschied zwischen Aktienkapital und Bankdarlehen ist: Beim Aktienkapital handelt es sich um Eigenkapital des Unternehmens, d.

All das geht seitens der Bank nicht ohne Sicherheiten, z. Eigenkapital ist durchaus sinnvoll. Fiel mir gerade so auf: Nun ist das Ypsilon im Lateinischen ohnehin selten, welcher Vers sollte das denn sein? Ich find jedenfalls auf die Schnelle keinen CPB wurde am Der Antrag hatte am Tag der Entscheidung keinen Betreuer. Wie ist dies juristisch einzuordnen? Schau mal da bei Google oder auch bei der WP.

November am Ort seiner "historischen Freitagsrede" in Siemensstadt abgab. Wann und aus welchem Anlass hielt Hitler diese Rede? Oder spart die Pharmaindustrie gar, weil sie den Fernsehsendern nicht die teure Farbe zahlen muss? Weiss jemand ob es so etwas gibt? Zweitens die mit einem Umlenkspiegel und dem Filmtyp SX bzw. Mich interessiert der genaue Aufbau des Trennbild-Films, weil meiner Erinnerung nach dort ebenfalls von vorne, allerdings direkt ohne Spiegel belichtet wurde.

Sido-Astronaut(feat. Andreas Bourani)~Songtext~

Wurde durch den Karton des Positivs durch quasi von hinten belichtet kann ich mir kaum vorstellen? Das "lined up" ist der einzige Hinweis, aber ganz beantwortet das meine Frage nicht. Nochmal danke, ganz klar ist es mir noch immer nicht. Drum haben die Integralfilmkameras auch einen Spiegel im Strahlengang. Bitte um weitere Ideen, wie das gelaufen ist -- Paul Nochmal danke an Rotkaeppchen. Wenn ich mir die Bilder auf der zitierten Webseite anschaue, bringt das noch mehr Verwirrung: Auch die abgebildeten herausgezogenen Bildstreifen wirken bei weitem nicht doppelt so lang wie das Bild breit.

Und genau dadurch bin ich zu der gestellten Frage gekommen. Nach genauerer Betrachtung der Bilder von der Bedienungsanleitung auf obigem Link von Rotkaeppchen kam mir folgende Idee: Nicht das Positiv wird umgeklappt, sondern das Negativ! Dann stimmen Spiegelbildlichkeit und die unerwartete Lage des Positivs. Etwa in den 70er Jahren gab es folgende Begebenheit: Das war wohl in Italien. Man fand ihn noch lebend, er steckte fest, aber man konnte ihn letztlich nicht bergen. Wann und wo war das? Eine ganz simpel erscheinende Aufgabe aus dem Feld der Kombinatorik, die mich schier in den Wahnsinn treibt.

Ich dachte ich habe mich verlesen — aber das stand da wirklich. Kann mir vielleicht ein des Griechischen kundiger Benutzer helfen? Ich verwende als Backupsoftware Acronis True Image. Ich frage mich nun, wie sicher so ein Backup bei einem Virenbefall sein kann. Was hindert das Virus daran, die Daten auf der externen Platte auch zu kompromitieren, bzw.

Woher kommt diese Redewendung? Ich verdiene das 3. Das einzige, das bisher erheblich war, war ihr Beratungshonorar. Wie setzen sich diese "erheblichen Nachforderungen" zusammen und wie kann ich diese im voraus berechnen? Meine Frau ist Freiberuflerin. Gilt das da auch? Vielen Dank all euren Antworten. Nun ist es jedoch defekt, d. Dann sagte man mir: Die Aussage stammt offensichtlich von hier: Wenn ja, wie kam das zustande? Er wurde am Laut Garage Duplexgarage -- sk. Ich wollte wissen, ob ein oder zwei Minijobber erlaubt seien. Nungut, die Dame war von vorneherein schlecht drauf, hatte ich es doch gewagt, nach 16 Uhr und damit keine Stunde vor Feierabend noch ihre Hilfe aufzusuchen.

Ich kann die Option nicht finden, in der ich die Farbe der selektierten Ordner im Explorer festlegen kann. Als Beispiel hier ein Bild. Allerdings ist das grau so schwach, dass ich es kaum erkennen kann. Wo und wie kann ich das kontrastreicher gestalten? Und hier der genaue Titel etc bei den Amis: Ich hab da Erfahrung. Ist das Patenkind denn wirklich explizit "atheistisch" oder einfach nur desinteressiert? Es kommt halt immer auf den Markt an Nachdem ich seit rund 30 Jahre starker Raucher bin rund Zigaretten am Tag und bislang vergeblich einiges ausprobiert habe, um von meiner Sucht loszukommen Nikotinpflaster, Nikotinkaugummi, kalter Entzug Was mir bis jetzt allerdings noch nicht klar ist: Wenn ich an der E-Zigarette ziehe und den Dampf wieder ausatme, ist das optisch wie bei einer normalen Zigarette.

Was passiert mit dem Rauch? Liquid, das in der E-Zig. Mir ist aber noch nicht ganz klar geworden, wo das verdampfte Liquid bleibt. Wobei man Mails zugestellt bekommt, egal, ob man gmail.