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My daughter licked her bowl clean and that never happens! I was scrambling to make dinner tonight and stumbled upon this recipe.

Jamaican Stew Peas and Rice Recipe

Luckily, I had all the ingredients and just needed to go out to get the beef stew. I was curious to see how this would turn out since a lot of stews are typically made in the crock pot, however this is an absolutely winner! I added more carrots and potatoes but other than that, this was fantastic. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe! This is awesome I did all sweet potatoes instead of addin the reg. Hi Charlotte, so happy to hear that! Thanks so much for letting me know! The sweet potatoes and kick of heat sounds fantastic, I have to try next time: What size of Dutch oven would you need for this?

Hi Emma, I used a 4. Thank you for publishing this!!! I will definitely make this recipe again! Yay, so happy you loved it! Thanks for coming back to let me know: I was in a rush to cook lunch and had a batch of beef stew that needed to be used. I cooked this exactly as it said except for the potatoes and veggies. Made it extra thick to serve with Yasmin rice and it was perfect. Thank you so much. This is a great recipe! I was a little unsure about making it because I know most stews are made in a crock pot however this came out perfect!

The vegetables and potatoes weren't too soft and the meat was tender. It did taste a little bland to me maybe cause I eyeball ingredients instead of using proper measuring tools so I upped the seasonings AND added more seasonings like Lawry's seasoned salt, Mrs Dash, Onion powder, garlic powder and 1 packet of onion gravy mix. It was great, would definitely make again. I just made this and I wish I had doubled the recipe Thanks for this marvelous recipe and the suggestion of using sweet potatoes in it. It may be the first day of Spring in the North East but this stew is a perfect meal for the chilly weather and the snow that is falling!!

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Can i substitute oxtail for the pigs tail?? Not big pork fans around here and just looking for a substitute!

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The pigtails are salted so it does add flavour. I think you would be fine to omit them and just use more stewing beef instead of oxtail. Let me know how it works out! I made this for dinner tonight and it turned out soooo good.

This would have made her proud. Hello Fay, In my recipe I use a turkey drumstick. My mommey makes this for me all the time. She raised me up not eating pork so alot of her traditional Jamaican recipes which cause to use pork we subsitute with turkey. I subsitued the pork tails for turkey ham chunks as I dont eat pork, still tastes amazing.

Im so full i can bearly move my fingers to type this but I had to say just how good this was. My mom passed away last year and this brings back some good memories.

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Fay, I just wanted to ask if you use coconut milk in your stew peas because I did not see it in the recipe. Hi Latoya, Thank you for getting in touch. After using your recipe for cornmeal porridge this morning, I was excited to try another one of your recipes. I was not disappointed. I only had to add 1 extra cup of water once it began to simmer. Other than those alterations, I followed the recipe exactly as written, it turned out so deliciously. Thanks again for all these great recipes. Miss Faye; love you lady. What can I say, you and Angela are doing a wonderful job, connecting some of us to our Jamaican flavour…blessings to you both.

I found you on Youtube and had to make this. I was almost licking the bowl it was so good! This recipe is missing coconut milk and flour to thicken sauce and make sure u cut salted beef very fine. Hi Mya, Some people like to add coconut milk or flour as options. Growing up, my aunt used both oxtail and pigs tail. You would need to use a pressure cooker for the oxtail at first though. Hi Faye,I would recommend discarding the water the peas soaked overnight in.

Home Made Beef Stew Recipe : Taste of Southern

The peas releases gases into the water which is what causes the pot to boil over when covered. A fresh pot of water minimizes that catastrope. Just a tidbit I learnt over many years of trial and error in cooking rice n peas or stewed peas. I just recently found you website and I would love to try this recipe. I recently got into a relationship with my boyfriend who is from the Cayman Islands. I would like to surprise him by cooking this for dinner. My question for you is can this recipe be cooked in a crockpot?

If so how long would this take in a crockpot? Thank you for sharing your videos. I think this recipe would work well in a crockpot but have not tried. I know that you have to adjust the recipe for it to work well in a slow cooker. If you give it a try let us know how it works out. Stephanie, It works brilliantly in a crock pot. Put the cooked pigtails and raw beef in first, add the seasoning and the pre-soaked kidney beans with enough water to just cover them. Cook on Low for about 4 to 5 hrs. Add more seasoning to taste, if required, and the coconut milk, if using.

Add the spinners and stir everything. Cover and cook on High for another 1 to 1. I truly appreciate the information you provide on preparation. Stew peas and rice is my favorite meal from back home. Now that I am married and starting a family I will be referring to your site frequently to make our traditional dishes.

I was born in Jamaica but raised in New York since the age of 5 and unfortunately as much as my mom tried to teach me the cooking growing up, life gets in the way and now as an adult is when I call her back and forth for how to make this or that. I have always wanted to cook it myself and have asked a few people how to do it but have never got a true answer. Now that I have the time, I have decided to give it a go.

It's so easy, even with the extra step, and gives a huge flavor payoff. I have never tried the dutch oven version because I don't have the best oven renter. Hi, I've been craving for beef stew, i went into M. Stewart site, and there was the perfect Stew! I pretty much had all the ingredients. In spite of alll of the ingredients cooking up perfectly. I shared with a friend and she said that although it had some kick to it she still liked it.

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  7. I thought it was too salty and just not colorful enough. The flavors didn't excite me. My list of what I didn't like about this dish is too long so I'll just say I won't be making it again.

    The Scottish Beef Stew Recipe:

    To be fair -- I just don't think I like beef stew. I didn't think I liked beef stew either but following the recipe exactly made the stew perfect. My husband has had some health issues lately but all are resolving due to recipes just like this. I've been using this beef stew recipe for a few years now and I love it!

    Nutrition Information

    I make it in the crock pot. The only thing I change is that I add additional flour to the beef in the beginning as I like my beef stew thick. I also add a can of beef broth or french onion soup. It comes out perfect every time.

    I've been making this recipe for years. It's in constant rotation for my winter recipes. It's simple and delicious. I've made it in both a crockpot and dutch oven and prefer the dutch oven method. Great spring board recipe!